China VPS
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China VPS

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Perhaps you do not know about Chinaundefineds vps, I read a lot of posts generally only see Ali cloud, Tencent cloud
I would like to recommend, personally, some of the businesses that you rarely hear about.
Own China XuZhou、GuiZhou
The cheapest is to share 30RMBs for 100mbps, which you rarely hear about, but in China the heat is no worse than that of Alibaba Cloud Tencent.
But only Alipay, WeChat, bank of china pay, need not put on record
Appleundefineds cloud service in China was previously served by uovz

Own China WenZhou、HangZhou、LiShui
It is also well known in China, but it is paid in the same way as 1.

Vps in mainland China is cheap, but requires filing, real name authentication, it may be difficult to complete the certification

Ali clouds in mainland China are generally called routine clouds


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