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WHMCS Module Needed for disable hostname and nameservers field for VPS Hosting
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WHMCS Module Needed for disable hostname and nameservers field for VPS Hosting

HostEONSHostEONS Member, Provider

We are using SolusVM but have a constant problem of clients not filling up FQDN in hostname (due to which VPS are not auto provisioned) and some even gets confused with nameservers fields so I want to disable the hostname field in the order form but hostname should be randomly generated and updated in database. I also want to disable the nameservers field for VPS hosting only.

Any help is appreciated.

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  • launchvpslaunchvps Member, Provider

    For the name servers, you can disable this yourself:

    For the hostname, I believe it can be edited in the same file. You would change it to a hidden field and configure the how the randomness would be added.

    Here is an example of how you can change the password field to be hidden and generate a random password instead. This may assist you in trying to do the same for hostname:

    Finally, some customers may want to name their servers themselves. Some do not have an FQDN, so not sure if they will prefer their servers named for them to something they cannot change.

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  • You can get create a hook and if hostname field is empty, you can simply create a random one otherwise use one provided by user. I haven't check hook index for this so you may need to do some search.

    Otherwise, just get into template files and make it required using html or js.

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