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OVH - Windows license for VPS
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OVH - Windows license for VPS

Hey guys!

I needed a bit of help with this situation right here. Basically, I used to have two dedicated server, one running Centos and one Windows Server. However, I thought I could simply stop using the Windows one and just make VMs under Centos using KVM.

So I have gotten everything setup libivrt/kvm and all is working, but now comes the license part. I have seriously never understood Windows and their licensing stuff...

I have downloaded an Evaluation ISO from Microsoft, but how would I go with activating it? Would the license coming directly from OVH work? And would I be required to re-install the OS or not?

Thanks in advance for all the inputs!


  • 1) Open cdm as Administrator
    2) Type:
    DISM /online /Get-TargetEditions
    3) Press Enter
    4) Type:
    DISM /online /Set-Edition:ServerStandard (according to the type of OS) /ProductKey:xxx-xxxx-xxx-xxx-xxx /AcceptEula
    5) Press Enter and wait
    6) Reboot

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  • @drakula Where do I get the Product Key?

  • feezioxiiifeezioxiii Member, Provider
    edited September 2018

    There are some different way to activate evaluation version of Windows.

    For Windows 2008, 2012:

    • Go to the license page, proceed activating Windows without entering any license key.
    • If you want to use key, search for "Windows [version] evaluation key" on google and make sure you use the correct key for your installed version (standard key can only be used for standard version and so on).

    For Windows 2016:

    • The evaluation license will be activated automatically when it's able to reach Microsoft server.

    Side things:

    • After the license expire, you can extend it by using command "slmgr.vbs -rearm". It will extend the license to another 30 60 180 days depends on your Windows version.
    • You must have internet connection to activate licenses.
    • Sysprep evaluation version won't work, so don't waste your time :D
    • After evaluation period end (and you already extended it), you would either need to switch Windows version to non-evaluation (by using DISM command, search it on google) and use a valid key to prevent server being shutdown/restart (due to non license) or you can reinstall your server to obtain a new evaluation key :pensive:
    • In any way, if you planning to use those server for production, I would highly recommend getting yourself a valid license (it could be from OVH or other Microsoft retailers). However, if it's for personal uses, evaluation version would work just fine!
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  • I guess it's easier to just go with SPLA - just that you will have to pay licensing fee via your provider or an authorized reseller.

    Microsoft licensing is complicated and all other methods are kind of awkward.

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  • @PrestigeWS said:
    @drakula Where do I get the Product Key?

    buy it, lol..

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  • PrestigeWS said: Where do I get the Product Key?

    Softly steal :smiley:

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  • By where I meant to say, would huying one from OVH work on the VPS? Its $25 but want to make sure it'll work.

  • seimaximseimaxim Member, Provider

    you can buy windows server license from ovh on monthly basis.

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  • Perfect thanks everyone!

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