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[Paid job] Setup OpenVPN to auth through FreeRADIUS
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[Paid job] Setup OpenVPN to auth through FreeRADIUS


I need to authenticate OpenVPN users through FreeRADIUS.

I have one VPS with OpenVPN up and running.

Then another VPS with a clean Debian install. This should be the FreeRADIUS server.

I need someone to setup the FreeRADIUS and make it work with OpenVPN (you must install the RADIUS plugin on OpenVPN server and make it work with the OpenVPN config file).

I also need daloRADIUS installed on the FreeRADIUS server.

1) Set up FreeRADIUS on clean Debian install
2) Make it work with OpenVPN on second server (OpenVPN already installed)
3) Install and configure daloRADIUS on FreeRADIUS server.
4) Provide basic documentation on how to set up future OpenVPN servers to authenticate with the FreeRADIUS server - including passwords, DB names, etc.

Please message me with a time estimate to complete these tasks and your price. Let me know if you are familiar with this spesific setup.

Upfront payment via Paypal.


  • Thanks a lot to those who responded, I'm hooked up with a very knowledgeable person.

    Admin may close the thread!

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