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OVH Cloud VPS vs OVH Public Cloud
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OVH Cloud VPS vs OVH Public Cloud

JamesFJamesF Member, Provider

Hi all,

We currently have an OVH VPS Cloud 3, with cPanel and about 50 sites it’s the 3.1ghz version with 8GB of RAM. However we are finding that it may not be as quick as it could be. I am finding a lot of IOWAIT using Hetrix Tools.

I’m thinking that we want something a bit more reliable so looking at the Public Cloud instance 2.3Ghz with 200GB storage and 32GB of RAM. We are wondering if anyone knew what storage it actually uses as the local disk? Also how reliable it would be for cPanel hosting.


  • At this point it might be cheaper and easier to just get a dedi. At SYS it is €42 with VAT for a 32GB / Opteron 4334 / 250 Mbit dedi and at Kimsufi it is even cheaper, something like €14 excl VAT for 16GB / Opteron 4122 / 100 Mbit. If you don't need to stick with OVH you could go with another provider like Hetzner, whose server auction is even cheaper - I have a 32 GB / Xeon E3-1246v3 / 1Gbit dedi for €22. If you add a cPanel license on top of that (from a good reseller like BuycPanel) you could end up with 32GB RAM, i7-4770, 20TB bandwidth, Southern Germany location for around €50 - much less than the €122 + cPanel license price for an OVH Public Cloud instance.

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  • JoeMeritJoeMerit Member
    edited August 2018

    VPS Cloud uses network based storage which gives you high redundancy against failure but its slow compared to local SSD you get on VPS-SSD and the public cloud.

  • HBAndreiHBAndrei Member, Top Provider
    edited August 2018

    If you're willing to spend $102/mo to upgrade to their B2-30 Public Cloud instance, why not just go for one of their dedicated servers with NVMe? You would have dedicated disks/resources, and NVMe is quite fast.

    For instance their SP-32 (Intel Xeon E3-1270v6 - 4c/8t - 3.8GHz /4.2GHz 32GB DDR4 ECC 2400 MHz) server with NVMe is $102/mo as well.

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  • JamesFJamesF Member, Provider
    edited August 2018

    Thanks for the guides. I was looking at cloud so there was no hardware to worry about.

    Also cPanel licensing is cheaper using cloud.

  • experttechit said: Thanks for the guides. I was looking at cloud so there was no hardware to worry about.

    Of course there's hardware. That stuff doesn't run on moonbeams. Monitoring and migration is a bit more seamless on their end with the cloud product but really, if you can't stand downtime, you need your own HA setup either way. With a dedi if there's a hardware issue you put in a ticket and they fix it. It's not like running your own stuff where you have to fix it yourself.

    I figured out after a while why all the ops guys in places I worked rode motorcycles instead of driving cars. It was so they could zip through traffic if a server went offline (we had colo gear) and they had to get from the office to the DC in a hurry. Dedis move that whole task over to the hosting provider. It's an almost VPS-like experience. Main attraction afaict of cloud stuff is hourly billing if you want to spin up a server just for something quick.

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