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A little help for a noob

A little help for a noob

XortXort Member

Hello, how are you? I am currently working with basic LINUX VPS. However there are many things that I do not understand, and I have entered lowend in search of answers. I would like to know if there is any guide or networking course that I can read or study to improve my understanding. My native language is Spanish and I almost do not get useful tutorials in my language and those I have found on the internet that are in English are somewhat advanced for me.

Some help?

Please, rude and super smart guys refrain, for some reason I have seen a group of users who are rough with those who do not know much.

Thanks in advice.



  • Waldo19Waldo19 Member

    @Xort said: Please, rude and super smart guys refrain, for some reason I have seen a group of users who are rough with those who do not know much.

    Thanks in advice.

    You're gonna need tougher skin if you want to survive here.

  • seanhoseanho Member

    Welcome! There are plenty of self-taught folks here who started as compete newbies like you. As long as you accept that you are responsible for your own learning -- you're willing to do a bit of your own googling, you don't expect everything laid out on a platter for you -- you'll do fine. Just don't feed the trolls.

    When you ask questions, it helps to be as specific as possible about what you want to achieve and what you've tried already.

    I think DO's tutorials might be a good place to start; there might even be some in Spanish.

  • williewillie Member, Moderator

    @Xort, you've gotten some unfriendly responses because you've posted multiple suspicious queries. If you're asking for help with a problem, it's best to describe the actual end goal. See also:

    Thanked by 3Aidan mksh trewq
  • MGarbisMGarbis Member

    Hello Xort! Your english looks good so I think you can read english guides.

    I have read Digital Ocean's guides which seanho recommends. That's a great place to start.

    Other places:

    And of course, just use Google search. You'll find lot's of guides.

  • mkshmksh Member
    edited August 9

    Well, you'd best start with working on your English skills if that's a barrier. Seriously, English is the language of computers and generally the internet. Any other language will only have a tiny subset of the information available in English and there is no way to avoid it if you are serious about learning IT related subjects.

  • As you said, there are already many useful VPS tutorials available in Engish.

    Google translate may not be very useful for technical stuff.

    So, you probably just need a human translator to assist you. :)

  • Assuming that you have Linux already installed, this wikibook may help as a first step:ón_a_Linux

    "[T]he number of UNIX installations has grown to 16, with more expected." (K. Thompson & D. M. Ritchie, UNIX Programmer's Manual, 3ed, 1973)

  • jsgjsg Member

    We have quite some members here with lots of knowledge and experience in the diverse relevant fields. They tend however to avoid general baby-sitting and to rather answer to -specific questions-.

    And I have a concrete bit of advice for you: A VPS is but a virtualized machine. Setting up and configuring a real (hardware) server and a VPS is 99+% the same.

    So one good way to learn and try and test is to simply install a VM on your local desktop with the OS you prefer for or have on your VPS. Such you can learn and play and test almost everything (minus some more elaborate network stuff) on your own desk without any risk.

  • buy a book on linux. that should teach you the basics. then you know enough to follow online tutorials.

  • sezingsezing Member

    just use your linux VPS server daily and you will want to perform some linux actions that you don't know how to do it. Search online that action and note that. You will remember if you do it regularly every day.

    Otherwise, you can read PDFs or watch youtube videos but always better practice every day.

  • seanhoseanho Member

    I realized that OP had previously started two other threads asking about residential US IPs; that's kind of a red flag.

  • deankdeank Member

    I think that is still his goal.

    Morningwoodhosting. Somebody get it now.

  • NomadNomad Member

    First get a question, then wait for an answer.

    For what I can see, there's nothing spesific in your question. It's way too broad. Like "I want to earn money but how?"

    You better make a point.

    Like, do you need help adding IPs or creating a ram disk or booting into rescue mode etc. coupons: CheapDoms or Discounted
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  • ¡Mucha documentación en línea! Gracias Google.

  • Jona4sJona4s Member
    edited August 10

    I speak spanish, PM me if u need something specific.

    Just shout WOW

  • Jona4sJona4s Member
    edited August 10

    also, just type journalctl.

    Just shout WOW

  • mkshmksh Member

    @Jona4s said: also, just type journalctl.

    journalctl: not found

    Now what?

  • deankdeank Member

    Type shut down

    Morningwoodhosting. Somebody get it now.

  • mkshmksh Member

    @deank said: Type shut down

    shut: not found

    This thread has some bad advice!

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