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2018 - H1 - Provider Poll
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2018 - H1 - Provider Poll

hawchawc Member, Moderator, LIR
edited August 2018 in General

Hi all,

It is that time again! A bit like the Oscars, but without the fancy dressing up and the paparazzi. Now that the first half (and a bit) of the year is over, we're holding another provider poll. This time, we're covering the period of January 2018 - August 2018.

As usual, there are a few requirements to be able to vote:

  1. Your account must have been created no later than the 4th of June, 2018.
  2. Your account must have at least 5 posts.
  3. Providers can vote, but not for themselves (the same goes for Host Reps).

The rules for voting are:

  1. You get 3 votes as per last time
  2. One vote per provider
  3. You can vote less than 3 times if you want.
  4. This time, you get one additional vote. This is for "Most Improved Provider". Vote for someone who you think has grown and improved the most this period
  5. Voting will end on Saturday the 18th of August, at 10:30 BST.


As usual, we have prizes! Winners are drawn randomly from the list (which is subject to change). There is a post in the provider forum with more details, and contributions are still open.

Here are the prizes up for grabs:

  1. DeepNet Solutions DNS-OVZ-1024 free for a year x5

  2. Web-Project Shared Mini Plan free for a year x5

  3. HostDoc Shared mini plan, Comodo positiveSSL and a xyz domain - for a year x4

  4. HostDoc Mini KVM for 6 months x3

  5. WebSound KVMH1024 for 3 months x5

  6. WebSound KVMSD1024 for 3 months x5

  7. Gullo's Hosting NAT-128MB free for a year x5

  8. ExtraVM $10 account credit x5

  9. FlowVPS $15AUD account credit - expires in 6 months x3

  10. HostUS $20 account credit x5

  11. HostUS /48 subnet free for a year. ARIN/APNIC or RIPE x5

  12. HostUS ASN registration for a year - APNIC or RIPE x2

  13. HetrixTools $100 account credit x5

  14. Clouvider £20 account credit - valid for 12 months x5

  15. Clouvider E3-1270v6, 16GB DDR4 ECC, 256GB NVMe, 1Gbps on 30TB for a month x1

  16. First-Root KVM Power Light x5

  17. SSDNodes $20 account credit x5

  18. SkylonHost 15€ Account Credit x3

  19. LetBox $20 account credit x5

  20. VMHaus $25 Bonsai account credit x2

  21. hostEONS $20 account credit x2

  22. LunaNode $15 account credit x10

  23. CubeData FraudRecord module (WHMCS or Blesta) owned license x2

  24. CubeData OpenNebula module (WHMCS or Blesta) owned license x2

It's a bumper prize haul this year, over 90 chances to win!

Good luck, and enjoy the contest!



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