anycast - what functionality would you expect?
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anycast - what functionality would you expect?

gbshousegbshouse Member, Provider
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LET's assume that you are looking for anycast-as-a-service, what kind of functionality would you expect? which locations? what kind of usage scenario would play nice with AaaS? how much would you like to pay for it (in mulitiples of $7 ;))?


  • teamaccteamacc Member

    I'd go with a few slices @Francisco

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  • PUSHR_VictorPUSHR_Victor Member, Provider
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    What BuyVM does , but with the number of locations that Vultr/DO has, would be awesome. I would be the first to sign up.

    Edit: Would use this for DNS, and would be happy to pay up to $10 per location for a 512MB-1GB VPS.

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  • gbshousegbshouse Member, Provider

    @PUSHR_Victor assume that you can apply AaaS on top of existing infrastructure - what would you expect in context of setup, management etc?

  • FranciscoFrancisco Top Provider

    PUSHR_Victor said: What BuyVM does , but with the number of locations that Vultr/DO has, would be awesome. I would be the first to sign up.

    For what it's worth i'll give some insight into why this could be an issue.

    We have a lot of people that do small time anycast (some do it for the experience, some do it for small DNS clusters, etc), which means they usually have a limited budget. If I suddenly add more locations, if I extend my anycast ranges to those locations i'm now forcing customers to buy service there too (or put together a tunneling setup to bring the traffic back to a nearby POP).

    I think the better option is to try to get some of the major areas covered (NA, EU, AP) would be a good fit.


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  • FHRFHR Member, Provider

    As Francisco pointed out, the problem is that once you want to anycast from let's say 8 locations, you are essentially forcing the customers to have nodes in all 8 locations, since all customers share that same anycasted range. It's an all or nothing scenario.

    I guess this could be solved by having multiple ranges anycasted, i.e. range A is announced from 3 locations, range B is announced from 5 locations, range C is announced from 8 locations etc… obviously not very flexible, but better than nothing.

    Vultr allows customers to do anycast by bringing in their own ranges and doing BGP, which solves the problem - the customer announces the range only from locations they need anycasted. This is obviously more expensive, since they need to possess a the address space, however more flexible.

    You need to evaluate, what is your target audience and how much they are willing to pay. For the LET market, the solution Francisco is selling seems appropriate - anycast on a tight budget with a very limited amount of PoPs (three or something like that?)

    Regarding use cases, there are lots of them. Anycasted DNS, CDNs…

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  • gbshousegbshouse Member, Provider

    We know what we are doing from technical perspective (including cross PoP routing), we just prefer to implement community driven feature set and from my experience LET users can be very creative so just use your imagination and tell us what you need :)

  • Singapore, Netherlands, and East Coast USA (3 POP package)

  • DwayneDwayne Member
    edited July 11

    Locations: preferably 1 each in North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia (with good connectivity to China) but pricewise probably rather 1x NA with good connectivity to SA, 1x Europe and 1x Asia (not necessarily with good connectivity to China)

    Features: optional MySQL Galera cluster as a service (i.e. webserver = Anycast VPS, MySQL = Galera cluster provided by you), optional shared hosting with optional MySQL Galera cluster (i.e. no need for VPS), internal network between all VPS, automatic failover

  • filefile Member
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    Multiple backend endpoints per IP (if providing it on a per-IP basis) with health check (BGP would be fine) and load balancing across them. I think a single PoP in each major region would be fine (NA/SA/Europe/Asia).

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  • KrisKris Member
    edited July 12

    Give out /24's to go with varying footprints. Anycast Groups

    So if you have X dollars, you get Group 1 - NA & EU

    If you have Y dollars, you get Group 2 - NA, EU & Asia

    If you have Z dollars, you get Group 3 - NA, EU, Asia & Oceania (AU)

    If you have many, many dollars, get a /24 and achieve something like ~10ms around the world. Peer hard.


  • gbshousegbshouse Member, Provider

    @Kris that's the plan - to have two groups (basic and premium one [with more locations + SA and AF) of PoPs

  • ZenZen Member

    It'd be nice if we could bring our own IP space.

    curl -L

  • All I know is it should be cheap.

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