Cheap UK VPS w/ 1 Dedicated IPv4
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Cheap UK VPS w/ 1 Dedicated IPv4

Need it for proxy purposes, max budget is $3/month. I just need good network and 1 ipv4. All the rest is up to you.

Crypto payment is preferred but PayPal/Stripe is available.


  • Just asking how many VPS's you want ?

    Make your choice on your own But i can help you to make them right.

  • JackJack Member, Provider

    You'll struggle to find something with a dedicated IP per month at that budget.

    If you paid annually you'll likely hit your budget easily.

  • UltraVPSUltraVPS Member, Provider

    Hi @Brooks1,

    we can offer the following in London:


    • KVM virtualization
    • 512 MB RAM
    • 1 CPU Core
    • 15 GB RAID-10 Storage
    • 1 TB Monthly Transfer
    • 1 IPv4 address
    • 10 IPv6 addresses (from your own /64 IPv6 subnet)
    • Contract term: 6 months
    • Available in Amsterdam (Netherlands), Duesseldorf (Germany), Dallas (USA), London (UK), Los Angeles (USA)

    2 EUR per month incl. 19% VAT (~ 2 USD excl. VAT)

    [ ORDER ]

    Looking glass

    Do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to drop us a mail at [email protected] - KVM Virtual Servers starting from 2 EUR/m

  • MikeAMikeA Member, Provider
    edited July 12

    My 512MB KVM plan is $3.00/month, outside London, accept BTC, PayPal & Stripe.

    512MB RAM
    1 Core (4.2GHz)
    6GB SSD
    1TB @ 200Mbps
    1 IPv4/IPv6

    If you need more bandwidth you can open a ticket if you are past 70% for the month to request more. Has DDoS protection incl. OVH Game firewall which might be better for a VPN (udp attacks). You can manage network firewall through the billing panel.

  • HostDocHostDoc Member, Provider
    30GB HDD Disk
    512MB RAM
    2GB Swap RAM
    500GB Bandwidth
    1 IPv4
    1Gbps Network Connection
    DDoS Mitigation
    London Location


    Use discount code "KVM25OFF" for 25% off order.

    HostDoc Hosting Ltd | NVMe SSD Shared Hosting
    BYO KVM VPS | VDS |Resource Pool | [UK][FR][FI][CA][DE][SG][AU]

  • dfroedfroe Member, Provider (@vmhaus)

    They offer decent VPS with great Clouvider connectivity for little money. I am very satisfied and can definitely recommend them. Monthly instances start at 3$/month (512 MB RAM, 10 GB NVMe, 2 TB traffic).

    Thanked by 1vmhaus

    EDV-Service David Froehlich | Individual network and hosting solutions | RIPE LIR services (IPv4, IPv6, ASN)

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