VPS with attached storage
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VPS with attached storage

lurchlurch Member

Looking for a VPS with 10gb space but also has attached storage that can be upgraded when needed i.e in 250 or 500gb blocks.

Must be in Europe. Was waiting on slabs at Lu from @francisco but will be needing this in the next couple of months.


  • NihimNihim Member
    edited July 10

    Transip comes to mind

    https://transip.eu/order-vps/choose-package/ + https://transip.eu/vps/big-storage/

    Haven't used & the vps is a bit pricey.

    EDIT: didn't read the 250/500 increments, sorry.

  • JorgeJorge Member

    I'm a regular customer of TransIP, also using their 'big-storage' and I simply love the quality of the services they offer.
    big-storage blocks are 2 Tb. each, and can be attached to every type of VPS they offer.
    Their cheapest VPS is €10 p/m, every 2Tb. blocks is also €10,=.
    Max. size they advertise is 400Tb.

  • teamaccteamacc Member

    digitalocean and vultr both offer this right?

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    deknahT yb (1): Thanks.

  • lurchlurch Member

    Thanks will check out transip I see they have 50% off for 3 months at their Delft dc.

  • JorgeJorge Member

    Their Delft dc is brand new. Better check if they can offer big-storage there before you order (probably yes), but more so, if the storage is local in Delft also, or if it has a higher latency because it only might be located in Amsterdam?

  • lurchlurch Member

    Just noticed only 1tb transfer on their €10 plan so will have a think. Still open to other suggestions.

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