hostodo ipv6 not working after migration
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hostodo ipv6 not working after migration

ok, the reason why i open this topic is to get an attention from @hostodo, i know i bought cheap hosting, several bucks a year, but at least for a cheap price, doesn't mean that you are providing a cheap customer support too? my point is, i sent a ticket, it takes 4-5 days to get an answers, or worst, doesn't get reply at all until the system auto close the ticket because of "inactive".
ok cut it short, my question is simple, here, so that it will get an attention to those representative of hostodo here; why my ipv6 are not working after the migration. its already a week. if the ipv6 subnet changed too, where is the new ip? you are providing a new ipv4 ip address but how about the ipv6 addresses?


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