[Domain auction repost] 0vz dot net and more + 2 letter domain giveaway!
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[Domain auction repost] 0vz dot net and more + 2 letter domain giveaway!

SaragoldfarbSaragoldfarb Member
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Thanks to @AnthonySmith for closing the previous post as the giveaway part got messy. I'm abroad and don't have a great internet connection so only just noticed :)

I will honor all bids for the auction in my previous thread if there are no higher bids but for clarity it'd be nice if you could resubmit your bids in this post. tagging bidders:

@MasonR , @ariq01 , @emmd19 , @SV_Nick

Submissions for the giveaway from previous thread are invalid, feel free to resubmit with the same or a different number and please take note of the rules ;)

Auction: (highest bid for 1 was @SV_Nick $21, no2 @ariq01 $7, No3 @emmd $8)

1 0VZ (dot net)

Dynadot - 17/04/2019

2 0ah (dot net)

Directnic - 17/11/2018

3 i60 (dot net)

Directnic - 17/11/2018

4 dnswebspace (dot com)

Godaddy - 08/09/2018

Offers start at $7 for 1, 2 and 3. No 4 starts at $1, all with a $1 increment.

Additional info for the auction:

  • Auction ends (Sunday) 8th of Juli, 24:00 CEST (Amsterdam). extended 2 days.
  • Payment by Paypal within reasonable time. That would be a week max.
  • AUTH code available for transfer.
  • Free push to your account at current registrar if you like.
  • Please bid on numbers and refrain from posting the domainname.

Now for the giveaway... giving something back to the regulars who've always been of great help. The domain can be transferred or pushed.

Free domain: XJ (dot nu)

Versio.eu - 18/06/2019

Rules for participation of giveaway:

  • First rule: Don't be a dick. Play nice and I'll make sure to put together another sweet giveaway sometime soon.
  • Guess the number I have in mind between 0-1024.
  • You can only submit once and only 1 number!
  • Your account must be at least 6 Months old!
  • post: "lowendregular + number" to participate.
  • If more than one gets it right, the longest registered user wins.
  • You can submit untill auction closure time.
  • I have no-one who can confirm the number but lets assume its something nerdy so it'd make sense.


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