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LEB now CCB?
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LEB now CCB?

Many years ago LowEndBox was a good spot to get a good deal with many different providers but it seems as of late it's been ColoCrossingBox with the same vps specs being plastered by multiple different ColoCrossing providers. What makes it even worse is all of these boxes are oversold and feature horrible uptime.

I realize ColoCrossing bought LowEndBox a few years back but now it's gotten bad..... Really bad.

Heard this place loves Deadpool


  • FHRFHR Member, Provider
    edited June 2018

    Really? Not that many providers are using ColoCrossing actually.

    // EDIT: misread LEB as LET. Nevermind, carry on.

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  • imokimok Member

    Real deals are here, on LET.

  • raindog308raindog308 Administrator

    I'd actually forgotten that LowEndBox exists.

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  • deankdeank Member, Troll
    edited June 2018

    Truly good deals take some efforts to find.

    And those will be here on LET.

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  • rm_rm_ Member

    imok said: Real deals are here, on LET.

    And posted not even by providers themselves.

    Thanked by 1imok
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