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CN2 connection in USA
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CN2 connection in USA

m4niacjpm4niacjp Member
edited June 2018 in Providers

I'm looking for a provider with CN2 (china telecom) connection to China that has server in USA, budget around 15-30usd/month.

Can be dedicated or KVM.
Bandwidth 1-5Tb/month.
At least 100mbit port.
IP address must be accepted by Youtube RED services (plus if also Netflix is working).


  • FranciscoFrancisco Top Provider

    Dedicated? VPS?

    How much bandwidth usage? other resources?


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  • I've answered above.

  • GTHostGTHost Member, Provider

    CN2 is the most expensive provider. You can find VPS only. Instant Dedicated Servers, 15 locations: ASH, ATL, CHI, DAL, DEN, LAX, MIA, NYC, SCL, SEA, MTL, TOR, VAN, FRA, LON
    Xeon E3 v3 from $49/mo. Delivery in 15 mins 24/7. No setup fees. Month to month. Linux auto-deploy. Looking Glass

  • VPS is also fine.

  • VPS is also fine.

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  • randvegetarandvegeta Member, Provider

    1-5TB for $15 - $30 /month?

    I'd be interested in that. Doubt it exists, since that would suggest prices of $2-$3 /Mbit. But if it does exist, I'm in.

  • Aliyun has a package that includes up to 3TB data.

    Unfortunately their USA server is not as performing as Hong Kong one.

    Quadranet also has a nice package with 1TB included

    Unfortunately Netflix detects it as proxy...

  • There is the problem, IF you do find one that works it won't for long. Netflix burns datacenter IPS daily. They do not want you using services not provided to your country.

    You are seeking a Unicorn, just as many others are looking for the same thing.

    Catch me over at Primary DNS. If you want to chat I am done with this cesspool.

  • try gigsgigscloud

  • I've found a provider that has access to Netflix. Price around 25euro per year with 100GB monthly traffic and multiple server location.

  • deankdeank Member, Troll
    edited June 2018

    Always the same pattern with these kind of threads.

    1. OP asks for an unrealistic deal.
    2. Confronted with realism
    3. OP claims he found something else somewhere.

    Then new threads with similar requests pop up again.

    Have you sued your host yet? Do it now.

  • PhotonVPSPhotonVPS Member, Provider

    Not happening with that budget if you need pure CN2.

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  • HooLanHooLan Member
    edited June 2018

    Easy to find.

    BandwagonHost is the best example.

    Also maybe some Chinese providers like RFCHost , DGCHost and GigsGigsCloud.

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  • m4niacjpm4niacjp Member
    edited June 2018

    If anyone interested for the future the provider i had found is

    For what i had asked is quite enough.
    If someone has similar alternatives i can evaluate.
    I'll also try Bandwagon and the ones mentioned by HooLan.

    PhotonVPS i don't know what is pure CN2 but the provider i had mentioned they offer CN2 connection. I had try multiple location and on avg i'm getting 80-100mbit connection. Most of them also have working NETFLIX and some IP they guarantee (i have to try on the long run) they keep them working for NETFLIX.

    I've also spoke with Quadranet and they are providing ASIAN private IPs working with NETFLIX. I have yet to try them on the long run.

    @deank the request maybe was unrealistic but from what i had found perhaps there are some options close to my request.

  • @PhotonVPS said:
    Not happening with that budget if you need pure CN2.

    then, how much?


    What a nice ad! Thank you fengye host.

    Thanked by 1fat27
  • zkyezzkyez Member

    @m4niacjp said:

    If I were you I would remove the url to the host you found with working Netflix. It's not a very good idea to keep stuff like that public.

  • I assume Netflix blocks most datacenters...

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