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Top Providers 2013 Q3 Poll
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Top Providers 2013 Q3 Poll

jcalebjcaleb Moderator
edited November 2013 in General

The end of a quarter, the start of a new top providers poll. The poll will likely be closed in late October or after a sustained period of inactivity in this post. The precise date will be clearly noted at a later date.


-Please post only once in this thread (any offtopic comments will be removed).

-Pick your favorite three and list them with one being your most favourite.

-The host you rank number one will receive 3 points, number 2 will receive 2 points and number three 1 point.

-As well as the above three, you can also list as many honorable mentions as you wish. This can help providers in the final ranking.

-Providers cannot vote for themselves.

Voters should have been registered prior to the creation of this thread. Suspicious entrants may be removed.



  • 0xdragon0xdragon Member
    edited October 2013

    1) MaximumVPS

    2) InceptionHosting (LowEndSpirit)

    3) BlueVM

    Honorable Mentions: DigitalOcean, FlipHost, Vortex Servers, Backupsy

    Thanked by 2jcaleb Maximum_VPS

    This signature wasted 121 bytes of your data allocation.

    1. Prometeus
    2. DigitalOcean
    3. Cloudive
    Thanked by 1Maounique
    1. One Pound Web Hosting
    2. Prometeus
    3. Digital Ocean
    Thanked by 1onepound
  • My Top Providers :

    • Prometeus/Iperweb/iwStack
    • FitVPS
    • BuyVM

    Honored Mentions :

    • Frontrangehosting
    • Hosthatch
    • Iniz
    Thanked by 1Maounique
  • bobbybobby Member
    edited October 2013
    1. prometeus - no competition whatsoever.
    2. ovh - was lucky and got n2800's with new hdds.
    3. torqhost - a small issue this period, but still rock solid for a great price with awesome network.


    • inceptionhosting, providerservice, nqhost, necs: rock solid xen/kvm that just works.

    • fusioned: awesome performance and good personal support.

    • edis: didnt vote for them last time, but this period all my edis location have been ace.

    • finaltek: .cz kvm with ok network and unlimited traffic and /64 ipv6.

    • ramnode: their small ovz containers are out of this world.

    • fliphost: didn't like the ninja edit of bw allotment they did on storage servers (from unlim to 500gb), but top notch on every other aspect.


    • vpscorner

    Also: Congrats jcaleb on becomming a mod, well deserved, one of the nicest guys here.

    Thanked by 2Maounique jcaleb
    1. Iniz
    2. OVH
    3. Digitalocean
    Thanked by 1Patrick

    Professional lurker

  • MatiMati Member
    edited October 2013

    OVH xD

    (like they care...)

    1. Iniz
    2. MiniVPS
    3. RamNode
    Thanked by 1Patrick
    1. Evorack
    2. DigitalOcean
    3. EDIS

    HM: IPXCore & RamNode.

    Press Start

  • sentarumsentarum Member
    edited October 2013
    1. Prometeus/Iperweb/IWStack
    2. BuyVM
    3. DigitalOcean

    RamNode, Iniz

    Thanked by 2Maounique Patrick - Just write and write ...

    1. Ramnode

    2. Prometeus

    3. BlueVM

    1. Fliphost
    2. BuyVM
    3. DigitalOcean
    1. Ramnode
    2. WeLoveServers
    3. Backupsy
    1. Iniz
    2. Prometeus
    3. BuyVM
    Thanked by 1Patrick

    Here lies Nekki. He loved massive amounts of storage, K-Pop and calling people cunts.

    1. Supremebytes
    2. Catalysthost
    Thanked by 1ryanarp

    Cheap VPS - VPSDime

  • Awmusic12635Awmusic12635 Member, Provider
    1. Hostigation

    Subnet Labs, LLC Contact Us Deploy to: Seattle, Dallas or NYC
    Impact VPS | Cloud Servers | Storage Servers | Impact Shared | Shared Hosting

  • budi1413budi1413 Member
    edited October 2013
    1. Cloudive/Backupsy
    2. Prometeus/IperWeb
    3. Hostigation

    HM: RamNode, BuyVM, MaximumVPS and SSDvirt.

    Thanked by 1Maximum_VPS
  • c0yc0y Member
    1. edis
    2. backupsy/cloudive
    3. supremebytes

    hm: iniz

    1. fapvps
    2. ramnode
    3. leaseweb
    Thanked by 1fapvps
  • AnthonySmithAnthonySmith Top Provider
    1. Backupsy
    2. NECS
    3. SEflow



    Thanked by 1matteob

    I am no longer active here, find me at (Just like LET without the scams)

  • NeoonNeoon Member
    edited October 2013
    1. Iperweb/Prometeus (again) :D
    2. RansomIT
    3. RamNode
    Thanked by 1Maounique
  • emilvemilv Member
    edited October 2013
    1. INIZ
    2. EDIS
    3. Prometeus

    HM: DotVPS, CastleGem, NECS, HTTP ZOOM

    Thanked by 2ozfingwe Patrick
    1. INIZ
    2. RamNode
    3. MaximumVPS
    Thanked by 2Patrick Maximum_VPS

    Network engineer of PyongVPS

    1. Prometeus
    2. OpenITC Xenvz
    3. PCsmartgroup XenSmart
    Thanked by 2drazilox Maounique
    1. Prometeus
    2. RamNode
    3. INIZ
    Thanked by 2Maounique Patrick
  • chrispchrisp Member
    edited October 2013
    1. Castlegem - UK/London
      This location is still my #1: 200 days of uptime. It's not really cheap, but the performance is really incredible. Great job, Bernhard! It's running my websites (blogs & wikis) mainly and a few other smaller things, that only KVM can do.
    2. Ramnode - NL/Alblasserdam
      After a bad start for the node's hardware it's running brilliant now. I use it for file delivery for my websites and for sharing files with friends. Most "bang for the buck" I have seen so far!
    3. OnePoundWebHosting - UK/Fareham
      I have this for an irc client and as a personal proxy and gateway. I can remember the ip (only 5 digits) so I wouldn't need any dns to connect to it. Basically, the ip is my only reason I love it so much, but it also has a good uptime (157 days) and runs smooth.

    HM: INIZ (NYC) -> wow, that's incredibly cheap concerning the location, Torqhost, Low End Spirit

  • 1-WeLoveServers

    what i do

  • believe in Hostigation

    1. Kazila
    2. Prometeus
  • edited October 2013

    1) MaximumVPS (For their extreme care and support provided)
    2) Inception Hosting (For their LowEndSpirit expansion)
    3) BlueVM (For their Feathur control panel that actually is usable)

    Thanked by 1Maximum_VPS
    1. BuyVM
    2. RamNode
    3. DigitalOcean
  • RalliasRallias Member, Provider
    edited October 2013
    1. EDIS
    2. Digital Ocean
    3. FapVPS

    HM: Ramnode

    DM: SupremeBytes (begging for votes on skype. For shame.)

    Thanked by 1fapvps
    1. RamNode
    2. DigitalOcean
  • SpiritSpirit Disabled
    1. AllSimple - true professional host
    2. Inceptionhosting/LowEndSpirit - it's Spirit after all. Keep it that way!
    3. Castlegem - true gem among hosts

    HM: Prometeus/Iperweb, Ramnode, XenVZ/OpenITC

    All hosts above deserve top position, but sadly it's not possible to do that so I reckon that HM hosts from my list will get deserved votes from others and voted for those who get less attention but also offer top quality service.

    Thanked by 2ozfingwe Martin
  • perennateperennate Member, Provider
    edited October 2013

    1: RamNode: their Seattle location is great; other locations have higher latency than you would expect because of fewer upstream carriers but they're decent too for the price. Most stable LEB's that I have. They have the best support out of all these hosts too (combination of professional, responsive); but usually don't need to contact them.

    2: EDIS: I'm using their services in a few countries. The variety is cool.

    3: Backupsy: 500 GB KVM for $7.00/month...

    HM: StormVZ (now INIZ or something stupid like that): the payment gateway is really annoying, but I have a server in Chicago that's been running well. Could use more bandwidth but I think they increased that recently (effectively doubled by making one of incoming/outgoing unmetered).

    HM: SSDVPS: sometimes my VPS goes unreachable and support takes a while to fix it, but otherwise it's a nice LA location.

    HM: TORQHost: interesting location, stable servers, good CPU/network/etc.

    HM: Prometeus: has a bit higher latency than you'd expect but the servers themselves are very very stable.

    HM: Liquid Solutions: their support sucks and the Seattle node that everyone is apparently on always has hours of downtime each month (and when people complain they pretend like it's just one of twenty nodes or some bullshit), but when the server's not down it's decent. Prefer RamNode for Seattle now though.

    HM: End of Reality: their Dallas location has been pretty stable for me, none of the other locations have worked out though (chronic network issues).

    HM: DotVPS: I use their service in U.K. and it works well. Chicago, not so much. Support is fast at responding but not professional.

    HM: Aim2Game: have a server with 10 IPv4 in Buffalo, works well (except low CPU quality).

    HM: CloudShards: I have lots of IPv4 addresses on one of their servers and it works well. Better CPU than Aim2Game as well, even though I think it has less cores.

    HM: BlueVM: ultra-cheap VPS. The quality matches the price, so servers go down for hours often but you can't really complain for the price. Unfortunately I'm locked in to some of their yearly plans (want to switch to Dedicated Minds; although maybe wanted since DM suddenly is moving).

    HM: Dedicated Minds: haven't been using them for long since I think they just started. But their combination of carrier in New York is pretty awesome, get really good connection from everywhere. Edit: moved from my second to HM since they randomly are migrating to NJ with <24 hour notice.<br />

    Thanked by 2Patrick tianyi
  • krokro Member
    edited October 2013

    Iniz ransom leapswitch - Just order, setup and walk away goodness. Cheers guys!

    HM: CrownCloud

    Its impossible list them in any particular order, it's just not how I operate or view things, so if possible, roll the dice for the order. Cheers.

  • gkzgkz Member
    edited October 2013

    Top lists :

    • Prometeus/Iperweb/iwstack ( The most stable server and network, and for the iwstack cloud, I like it most )
    • Digital Ocean ( Fast and easy to deploy the vm)
    • Peakservers ( Cheap and fast )

    Honored mention :

    • FitVPS
    • Frontrangehosting
    • QuickPacker
    Thanked by 1Maounique
  • sundaymousesundaymouse Member
    edited October 2013
    1. Ramnode -Hail to the Nick
    2. IPXcore -Damian is great
    3. BlueVM -Just for the $1/m offer

    HM: Crissic Solutions

    1. Ramnode
    1. EDIS
    2. still thinking...
    3. still thinking...
    1. Ramnode
    2. Fusioned
    3. Hostigation

    HM: ipxcore, NECS, EDIS

  • 1 RamNode (Quality SSD, Network, IPv6)

    2 OneAsiaHost (Quality SSD, Network, IPv6)

    3 Prometeus (Quality SSD, Network, IPv6)

    1. Ramnode - Very Stable and Fast IOPS
    2. Hosthatch
    3. MountVPS
  • 1- RamNode
    2- DigitalOcean
    3- BuyVM

  • yaochengyaocheng Member
    edited October 2013

    My vote goes to:

    1. WeLoveServers
    2. OnePoundWebHosting
    3. BlueVM

    Honorable mention:

    • IperWeb/Prometeus
    • RamNode
    • Bandwagon
    • SecureDragon
    Thanked by 1onepound
    1. Iniz (9 of them in NL/NYC/LA, best performing and most reliable openvz provider)
    2. (Netherlands, owned by's Xen and very stable)
    3. ProviderService (Germany, very reliable)

    HM low end VPS (in no order): Prometeus, Edis, DotVPS, Leapswitch,, Backupsy, ShardHost, VelociHost, RamNode
    HM low end dedicated (in order of preference): Seflow, OVH, FirstHeberg

    1. BlueVM
    2. Shardhost
    3. UGVPS
  • uchihakunuchihakun Member
    edited October 2013
    1. weloveserver
    2. iniz
    3. cloudshard

    HM= digitalocean (fast to deploy and destroy), blueVM for ultra-cheap yearly vps, oneasiahost ( even without competition, their performance still very good)

    Thanked by 1Patrick
  • aMunsteraMunster Member
    edited October 2013
    1. RamNode
    2. BuyVM

    no #3.

  • wroxwrox Member
    edited October 2013
    1. EDIS
    2. TorqHost
    3. OVH
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