NY - colocation From Choopa to..
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NY - colocation From Choopa to..

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Someone knows a datacenter in NY, that can pick up two servers from Choopa LLC

and take them to your datacenter?

with at least the first month free.


  • PhotonVPSPhotonVPS Member, Provider

    Asking for a lot aren't we?

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  • FranciscoFrancisco Top Provider

    @PhotonVPS said:
    Asking for a lot aren't we?

    Very much so.

    The drive from Choopa to downtown NY is the better part of an hour each way and you're wanting a free month? You're asking for $400 in free service.


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  • @PhotonVPS said:
    Asking for a lot aren't we?

    I know, but I do not have much budget now.
    Thank you as well

  • OK, I'll see how I do, you can eliminate the free month.
    but is it possible to help us move?

  • williewillie Member

    georgedatacenter said: is it possible to help us move?

    I'm sure it's possible but you would have to pay for it. No one is going to do that for free.

  • deankdeank Member

    Wasting time and paying for gas, all that for nothing.

    Not only are you asking a lot in terms of cost involved, you are asking someone to commit half a day for you (for free).

    I wouldn't do it even for 400.

    666 dollars maybe.

    The first thing a new host lies about: "We" when it's "Me".

  • I know.

    You can close the post, I see that it is not possible.

    Thank you

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