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We are expanding. 2 years and a half after we started WNDP - WebNegócio Lda, 7 months after we launched, we're now moving to a much better, much larger office to accommodate our growth.

As so, we'd like you guys to enjoy our super exclusive yearly offers, and thank you, once again, for helping us growing!

Promotional let's think about it text:

We'd like you to look at this list and ask yourself which of these items have recently frustrated you and taken up time that could have been better spent elsewhere:

  • IP blacklisting due to compromised hosting account/app.
  • Waking up to deal with said compromised account/app before every other customer starts complaining.
  • Unnecessary rejection from AT&T, Verizon, Yahoo, Hotmail, someone important who just doesn't like you and doesn't care if you or your customers like it.
  • Rate limited by Google. You know that one customer with a catchall forwarder that causes everyone else to not be able to email their blog subscribers? Yeah, we all know that guy.
  • "My email lands in spam folders and I think it's your fault" said at least one customer every day, like you can control what Google wants to receive?

How about this for an answer:

  • All outbound email heavily filtered.
  • Compromised accounts sending spam no longer impact neighbors.
  • IP reputation is never a phrase you speak again
  • If an email is rejected due to blacklisted IP, it is sent again from another IP, never bouncing to the sender
  • Alerts sent to email and/or webhooks (slack notifications, anyone?) for email trends (spam, rejected content, rate limited senders, etc)
  • cPanel/Plesk plugin to immediately configure your servers to use this
  • This beautiful panel to see your stats:
  • This extremely useful UI for searching mail logs:
  • Easily grant individual senders access to their own logs:

Plans available:

STARTER 10.000 Emails per month

Overage: 0,70€ per 1000 emails

SMTP Relay Access

MailChannels Cloud Access

5€ /month

Special annual offers at

In stock:

LET10K - 20

LET5K - 20

LET2K - 20

Rule is: First come, first served!

More plans available at - SMTP Relay Service, powered by MailChannels, fully automated, LET plans - Email Hosting, powered by MailChannels

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