Server offline notifications from hetrixtools to Alexa!
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Server offline notifications from hetrixtools to Alexa!

So, my echo dot was getting rusty so I made some use of it by utilising the webhooks from hetrixtools to send notifications to Alexa (echo dot), it can act as monitor service which can change/trigger things like lights/temperature etc.

You may obtain same results using services like zapier or ifttt but I went with custom script for sake of control. In future, I may add new devices or features.

When a notification is unread, it flashes yellow light and you can ask it to read. Script can be customised to trigger other devices such as hue light.

How to install:

  1. Set this up:

2 .Upload script to any php server and change the following variables:

$key - something secret to restrict access to script using $_GET

$accessCode = notifyme access code

  1. Goto contacts in hetrixtools and point the webhook to this url. e.g.

Link to script:

Can be hosted on any shared hosting. And can be easily customised to work with almost any monitoring service. Let me know if you want me to add other options.

Tomorrow, I'll receive my wifi module and 16x2 display for arduino so might setup better monitoring with that.

P.S. some of you might have better setup like dedicated server/pc/monitor to this, I'd accept criticism but please don't share negative words :)

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