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[DediGuard] GRAND OPENING! New York Dedicated Servers from $48 | DDoS Protection
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[DediGuard] GRAND OPENING! New York Dedicated Servers from $48 | DDoS Protection

DataWagonDataWagon Member, Provider
edited May 2018 in Offers

DediGuard provides dedicated servers, shared hosting, and virtual cloud hosting solutions.
With modern hardware and a great network mix DediGuard is the go to supplier for everyone regardless of size.
Enjoy our complimentary robust DDoS Mitigation and premier support. Every DediGuard customer is treated with equal amount of respect period.
Get started today with our grand opening pricing!

Dedicated Servers -
Virtual Private Servers -
Shared Hosting -
Support -
Why Choose Us -
Terms of Service

Complementary Features

-100Gbps DDoS Protection

-Automatic Reinstalls

-99.9% Uptime

-Freedom of choice for Linux or Windows

-Lightning fast setup

-24/7 Expert support

-Unsaturated Redundant 10gbps Network

-Premium Buffalo, NY datacenter

New York Dedicated Server Introductory Sale

Dual Intel L5420

-16 GB RAM

-500 GB HDD

-33TB on 1Gbps


-100Gbps DDoS Protection

GET STARTED - $48 / m, $0 / setup

Intel Xeon E3-1240 V3

-32 GB RAM


-33TB on 1Gbps


-100Gbps DDoS Protection

GET STARTED - $60 / m, $0 / setup

Dual Intel L5520

-72 GB RAM


-33TB on 1Gbps


-100Gbps DDoS Protection

GET STARTED - $70 / m, $0 / setup

Go Ahead, TEST US:

SALES: [email protected]

DediGuard is a web friendly host and strictly prohibits email spam and all other illegal or otherwise malicious activity.


  • NekkiNekki Moderator



    In the same sentence???

    Here lies Nekki. He loved massive amounts of storage, K-Pop and calling people cunts.

  • CConnerCConner Member, Provider

    Reseller or own hardware?

    GameDash, an AIO solution uniting billing, support & game server management platform.
    Visit our website or join our Discord to find out more.

  • DataWagonDataWagon Member, Provider

    @CConner said:
    Reseller or own hardware?

    We are using our own hardware, nothing resold :)

  • KrisKris Member

    This DataWagon ?

  • Do you operate from inside your home?

    Senior Level 30 Microsoft Certified Technician

  • tvpottitvpotti Member

    Appears colocrossing data center

  • ClouviderClouvider Member, Provider

    @tvpotti said:
    Appears colocrossing data center

    Whose bandwidth ?

    Clouvider Limited - Leading Hosting & Connectivity Partner || Dedicated Server Sale from £45/m - Our Latest LET Offer

    Cloud Web Hosting | SSD & SAS HA OnApp VPS | US, UK, NL & DE Dedicated Servers | Network Services | Colocation | Managed Services

  • postcdpostcd Member
    edited May 2018
    • Good traffic quota
    • expensive 240gb SSD option
    • good that one can buy IPv4 subnet and multiple drives, though unsure what are RAID options (HW raid assume no).
    • can not find details about DDoS protection on site. Example which layers, attack types
    • do not know if ddos protection also apply on whole IPv4 subnet (example /27) or only server IP - hosting, webmaster forum

  • DataWagonDataWagon Member, Provider

    @Clouvider said:

    @tvpotti said:
    Appears colocrossing data center

    Whose bandwidth ?

    We are using ColoCrossing bandwidth blend.

  • jvnadrjvnadr Member
    edited May 2018

    Maybe you could be more sincere to be trusted... When a "review" from "CEO of GTXGaming Matthew Griffin" is also on the servermania page testimonials: “DediGuard PUT HERE SERVERMANIA ALSO perfectly tailor solutions that meet our requirements, enabling us to deliver cost-effective services to our clients across the U.S. Most importantly, scaling has never been easier.”

    If you want to be trusted, don't use fake testimonials on your page.

  • @tvpotti said:
    Appears colocrossing data center

    The address on the website points to a private residence, which is why I was wondering.

    Senior Level 30 Microsoft Certified Technician

  • "Grand Opening" got smacked!

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