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SPF Record for ResellerClub Automated E-mails
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SPF Record for ResellerClub Automated E-mails

edoarudo5edoarudo5 Member
edited May 2018 in Help


I have reached out to their support but it seems like they don't understand what I'm trying to ask. So I have a white labeled reseller website from them/DNS/Whois and I configured them all properly in my domain name's DNS zones.

I want to set a reject DMARC policy on the domain name I'm using for the white labeled e-mails from them to the customers (for Registration, Renewal, Whois Update, Transfer, etc). Setting up the DMARC would effectively stop those automated e-mails since I don't have the proper SPF records to allow e-mails from them (no authorization) using my domain name.

So what I'm asking is... Does anyone here know what SPF record to set to allow e-mails from them? Is there a guide somewhere I am not aware of to set this up? If what I'm asking is not clear enough, please excuse me as English is not my native language.

I hope someone here who is a reseller of them or has been one can help me.


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