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vps with 10 ip
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vps with 10 ip

ierf4999ierf4999 Member
edited May 2018 in Requests

I got ban because of trolls (vps with 10 additional ips budget around 15$/month)
Here is the proof

This is one of my clients accounts (i generate leads for this client) you can see my user name in the proxy user name i create proxies (using squid) for my self and my students ( i sell/provide proxies to them) because other providers proxies are flagged because of spammers
I Need proxies for Accounts How Many Time Should I say This?!?!?! I Told You I Want To Create Proxies I Provide Proxies For My Students And My Self What Is WRONG With You GUYZ - I NEEEEED THIS SERVICE WITH THIS BUDGET


  • emghemgh Member
    edited May 2018

    ierf4999 said: How Many Time Should I say This?!?!?!

    Once per account.

    Thanked by 2Aidan mksh
  • @emgh said:

    ierf4999 said: How Many Time Should I say This?!?!?!

    Once per account.

    Dude I Really Can't Believe This Forum
    I Create an account and started this topic
    Trolling is ok but you can't request a service ?!?!?!

  • teamaccteamacc Member

    Here's proof that you're doing non-whitehat shit.

    Also, you evaded your ban.

    Both are bannable offenses.

    Don't create any new accounts, just stay out.

    I like my uptime down low and my servers all hacked. Can see me droppin' twenty-fours with a router in the rack.
    Ya like ya Switch-Ports hot and ya servers all hacked. If ya pings real high and ya networks pitch black.

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