Reselling a server in Armenia
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Reselling a server in Armenia

bookreaderbookreader Member
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Can anyone help us to resell a server from in Armenia?

The problem is, that they only accept wire bank transfer (no VISA/Mastercard, no PayPal and no cryptocurrencies).

The server costs 28.000 AMD (Dram) per month, which equals roughly $58 USD.

Here's the answer the support gave us:

We cannot withdraw the money from our VISA card.


It would be of your own benefit to transfer amount of money equal to multiple payments (to leave prepayment) for your cloud service as doing it separately will only hurt your pocket with bank charges for international transfers. See bank account below.


Bank: Ameriabank CJSC


Bank Account Number: (removed)


Recipient: Ucom LLC


SWIFT / BIC (removed)


Mandatory narrative:


Transfer Reason: (removed)


Best Regards,


Tatevik Beglaryan


Corporate Sales Coordinator

I can pay a 10 per cent provision for each payment.
Payment methods available: Credit card, PayPal, BTC/ETH

Please contact me via PM if you are able to help!

Thank you.


  • emghemgh Member
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    Be careful of people taking your BTC/ETH and run.

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  • VinnyletjeVinnyletje Member
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    Nvm transferwise doesnt convert to amd

  • raindog308raindog308 Moderator

    FYI I removed the bank account number, etc. from the original post.

    My Advice: VPS Advice

    For LET support, please click here.

  • erkinerkin Member

    I would not want to be the man to get raided when your server gets rooted and begin doing some bad bad things.

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