Transfer Hetzner E3 Finland deal (No transfer fee)
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Transfer Hetzner E3 Finland deal (No transfer fee)

feezioxiiifeezioxiii Member, Provider
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Hi, I have 2 Finland box that I have no use on it right now. I would rather transfer it to LET members than leave it unused and back to Hetzner stock since this is a great deal!

Server specs: E3-1246v3 - 32 GB RAM - 2x2TB HDD - 1 Gbps @ 15TB BW

  1. Has been paid until 05/06/2018: I will require to have a pro-rata payment of the server price (22.69 euro) from the date you take over. (basically you just pay for the server cost this month)

  2. Has been paid until 12/05/2018: No payment needed, you can just take the server and pay the invoice at 11th next month.

  • Date format is: dd/mm/yyyy

  • Payment method: PP, BTC

  • I can surely provide any benchmark per request.

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