.IO/.IM/.COM 5 year old Domain Auction
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.IO/.IM/.COM 5 year old Domain Auction

FoulFoul Member

Just have these dormant domains going to waste, so figured i'd re-auction them off again.

For domain 1 Free push to your Namecheap account, or EPP code

For domain 2 Free push to your Netcetera account, or i can provide the EPP code.

For domain 3, I can provide the EPP code as there's no way to push it to another Softlayer account

Starting Bid - $7 Minimum bid increment - $1

BIN for 1 - $30
BIN for 2 - $20
BIN for 3 - $35

PayPal payment via verified PayPal only or Bitcoin.

Please mention domain by only commenting the numbers etc 1 - $7 and so on.

Auction ends Friday, May 18th, 2018 at 0600(6:00) AM EST

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