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bandwidth usage
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bandwidth usage

nfnnfn Member

Hi, in the last days one of my kvm vps that I use just to develop some stuff has consumed a lot of bandwidth.
This is a stock centos 7 with nginx where I develop some python stuff.
There isn't any big files, just a flask app.

Where should I start to find the cause of this usege?


  • pikepike Member
    edited April 2018

    If you really use nginx only for testing etc. then install a pptp VPN, bind nginx to the internal IP and block all external ports except the ones you use for SSH and pptp with iptables.

  • donlidonli Member
    edited April 2018

    Is the flask app doing anything that might consume bandwidth?

    What do the NGINX logs show - are you getting massive connections from people?

    If you are the only one using the VPS, move NGINX off port 80 to some randomly chosen port if you can.

    Check with: ss -plnt

    to see what's connected to your machine.

    There are a bunch of tools you can use to actively monitor bandwidth use:

    Unless you need your VPS running 24 hours/day, I'd shut it down when you are not using it until you determine what's actually going on.

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