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[DOMAIN AUCTION] .NET 1 Character IDN Domain Name - $7 Start!
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[DOMAIN AUCTION] .NET 1 Character IDN Domain Name - $7 Start!

DNnameDNname Member

This is special auction for IDN domain
ᗪ.net is Internationalized domain name (IDN), English (Latin) translation
This domain would be great fun for all the domain investors

Domain: ᗪ.net
Registered: GoDaddy
Expiration Date: 2018-06-09

Bid start: $7
Bid Increments: $1 or more
Buy It Now (BIN): $200

Payment method: PayPal/Bitcoin

Auction ends 17th of April, 7:00 PM UTC+07.
For countdown until the end of auction, please click here.

Free push to buyer's account or EPP Key will be provided for transfer out.

Good luck!


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