Auctioning the domain GPU3-dot-com
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Auctioning the domain GPU3-dot-com

HarzemHarzem Member
edited April 15 in Domains

The domain in the title (replace -dot- with an actual dot) is for sale exclusively for LET members!

It's a 4-letter .com domain with GPU in it, you can even read it as "GPU Tree" if you have problems with the "th" sound!

It has 11 months until the next renewal, March 2019. It's on Dynadot, I can push to your account or provide auth code. Payment via verified Paypal or cryptostuff. If you are way too new a member, I may reject your bid or ask for crypto payment to secure my butt.

Starting the auction at $15 $7, increments at $1 or more, auction ends 72 hours after last bid. I may post a BIN price later. There is no reserve price, I will sell the domain to whoever wins the bidding.

Also I live at UTC+3 so it's bed time for me, I won't be able to respond for the next 8 hours or so. Bid or ask questions publicly, I'll answer them when I get back.

Auction end date/time: 3:46AM 16th April (GMT-4)

HarzemDesign and FraudRecord I have these. I have some new pre-made designs. Contact me if you are interested, they are half price.


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