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VPSBit to end free VPS
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VPSBit to end free VPS

randvegetarandvegeta Member, Provider

It's been almost a year since VPSBit last restocked it's free VPS plan.

It has now been decided that new stock of the free VPS (at least with IPv4) will not be added for the foreseeable future. Existing free VPS accounts will continue to run as normal for at least until the end of 2018.

I am making this announcement here since a good portion of users are from LET, or referred by LET users.

The main reason for ending the service is to get back our IPv4 resources to use for paying customers.

New plans will be created and offered to existing free VPS users in case they wish to keep it.

In the future, we may again release free VPS hosting services, but it would likely be container based (like OpenVZ) rather than KVM, and will be NAT + IPv6 rather than dedicated IPv4 as they are now.

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