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Cheap UK Dedi w/ lots of storage?
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Cheap UK Dedi w/ lots of storage?

aw1cksaw1cks Member
edited April 2018 in General

I'm looking to set up a seedbox which might run a few other web-facing apps, nothing major. 1-2 cores and a few gb of RAM is adequate for sure, mainly concerned about storage, internet speed and bandwidth. Would like 100mb+, preferably 1gbit, and as much bandwidth as possible. Would also like 500gb+ of storage. Does anything like this exist in the UK? I know have something similar but their datacentres are in France. As for budget, would ideally like to spend about £10 a month but willing to go up to £15 or so.


  • ZomZom Member

    Good luck, for that price the best you could probably get is a Feral Hosting seedbox.

  • TommySRVTommySRV Member
    edited April 2018

    I think that in this budget you will not find anything useful in the UK.
    If you're also considering other locations in EU, look at the offer.
    At the moment they have got servers with 4 TB storage and 8 GB RAM for 19 EUR/mo.
    In addition, if you choose quarterly payment, you will get 20% discount, so monthly price will be about 15 EUR.

  • IshaqIshaq Member, Provider
    edited April 2018

    If you can settle for a KVM instead, I can do the following in the UK:

    2 cores, 2GB RAM, 500G storage, 10TB @ 1Gbps for $20/month.

    [BudgetNode] DDoS Protected. 7 Locations (US/EU). Check out our latest offer!
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