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Is Cloudron free?
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Is Cloudron free?

as title says, is it free, or do I need to pay something for it?


  • FAT32FAT32 Administrator, Deal Compiler Extraordinaire

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  • stefemanstefeman Member
    edited April 2018

    Are there any other panels to easily install email/rainloop?

  • cassacassa Member, Provider

    iRedMail, Mail in a Box or Mailcow

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  • Try Cloudron 2-weeks for free, no credit card required. So It's a 2-weeks free trail

  • twaintwain Member

    You could try Yunohost. there's no containerization of applications/services/resources, but Rainloop is one of the apps you can deploy with it:

    For better security than Cloudron, you could try Sandstorm (it's free), but it doesn't have Rainloop. It has a bunch of other apps:

    I've researched Sandstorm / Yunohost / Cloudron and the ilk, which is how I know about them, but haven't used or tried any yet. I've settled on Sandstorm though, and will be deploying it soon...

    Also, Bitnami has installers for all kinds of applications that you can install on any linux dist, no Rainloop, but there is Roundcube:

  • sarahsarah Member

    Do you need an email server as well?

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