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[] 10Gigabit Dedicated XEN VPS Trial for free!
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[] 10Gigabit Dedicated XEN VPS Trial for free!

2HostComJohn2HostComJohn Member
edited September 2013 in Offers

Hello Community!

We have been in the hosting business for quite some time now and are currently testing out our 10Gbps servers.

Ofcourse we would love to test some 10Gbps Xen VPS's but we thought it would be best to leave the testing to you guys.

The Offer

What I have in mind is to provide 10 VPS's with each access to 10Gbps redundant premium bandwidth (worth €10,000/m) for a limited time at no cost.

The Spec's;

Intel Xeon E3 1245 V3 Hasswell

2GB Dedicated DDR3 1600MHZ RAM


10,000GB Traffic

10,000Mbps Uplink (10Gbps)

CentOS 6.4 64Bit

Location is Amsterdam, NL - Evoswitch DC

Trial duration is set to 1 month, but may be extended for a longer period.

The testing can be used for basically anything, as long as you don't do any IRC/DDoS/Spoofing or such activities. Torrents/Filesharing however, are allowed.

The Expectation

We expect a well detailed review in terms of performance and your thoughts if this VPS would be something you would buy or recommend to others.

To Apply

Please let us know how you think the 10Gbps will help you benefit over the 1Gbps. I will select the candidates based on the replies here.

Thanks in advance!

JD @ 2Host

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  • Torrents and streaming obviously

  • Sign me up! I want to buy a server from you.

  • chaufferchauffer Member
    edited September 2013

    Streaming, a lowend CDN, torrenting, front nginx proxy, file replicating over servers

  • Is debian possible? | UK XEN VPS from £2 | See their special offers starting from 12£/year here

  • Sign me up! No torrents

  • There are several real-life use cases for high speed connections.

    • monitoring edge/controller - for a really big number of sites/devices to monitor
    • as a load balancer node for cluster-like setups
    • as a controller node for distributed file system - to keep large amounts of frequently changed data in good sync

    I suppose there can be other use cases to test, but the above were first I though about.

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  • RadiRadi Member, Provider

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  • 1) How will it benefit? Its ten times as fast - Do more with less.
    (Puts on flame suit for being Mr. Obvious)

    But yeah one of them would be nice, what are prices going to be like?

    Taking a hiatus.

  • My reason was simply by the request of the tunneling stuff that need more port and BW rather than the high of ram and storage. Most of the requester at mine, was at mostly 1MB/s or lets say 10Mbps they can take. and if i just using about 100Mbps port it was only about 10 user maximum speed at the highest traffic, when over than 10 user tunneling from that node, it will decrease. about 1Gbps it was mostly 100 user, so if you asking about the 10Gbps you offer, i can bravely to give the tunnelings for most of 1000 user for just in 1 vps ? even it wasn't dedicated, it was up to and i can accept it to say i easily handle highest traffic user of tunneling about 1000 user just from 1 vps from yours. Cheers.... wanna apply too

  • Do you understand what possibilites for abuse this opens?


  • I don't think it's going to be under the pricing that LET allows?

  • @rds100 yes ofc he was, but it just a trial to get a review by the customers. @ultimatehostings yeah, i think it was, but he was just offering trial, not a selling stuff. hey i almost forgot to contact you back, i'm sorry about that. i got few problems at my real life to deal with. will contact you asap

  • rahulksrahulks Member
    edited September 2013

    @2HostComJohn can i get a trial VPS which i will be using to provide free samp game server hosting to kids who cant pay online ?

    I think having 10Gbps uplink will reduce the lag while playing on a game server to a large extent while there are large number of players connected to the game server and it will enable me to run large number of samp game servers too.

  • Torrents, large server-to-server transfers and VPN.

  • Yes. I want this for my server backup plus my development purpose.. may be I use it for vpn too not sure and if price is good I will buy one too. Can you provide me a trial?

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  • To learn linux?

    I'm Good!

  • Port scanning.

    Yeah, really.

    I would love to get a 10 gig pipe to do some port scanning if you really want some heavy testing. I would like to scan the entire IPv4 space for common services and publish some pretty statistics to the public. Web server banners, number of hosts alive worldwide, etc.

    Obviously I would not be abusive, individual IPs scanned in random order, rDNS explaining the project and I would name your company when publishing the results of the scan.

    I would be ok with identity verification for you if that's needed.

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  • @Nyr said:
    Port scanning.

    Great idea.

  • maybe a phrase, "please, i want to try it too!", would please you? hehe, :), anyways goodluck for bro! nice specs btw.

  • @serverian said:
    Great idea.

    Why not? It's legal to do so in the Netherlands and in my home country and it's a good way to test the port. Many ISPs allow port scanning from their networks, like it or not. I don't think it's something bad to do, more even for statistical purposes like this one.

    What's the problem? Automated abuse notifications from stupid network administrators? I honestly don't understand where the problem is.

  • RobJudRobJud Member
    edited September 2013

    @Nyr, wow. An open database of open ports across all ipv4. I bet that'll put the fire on the ass of companies holding out on ipv6, haha.

    But seriously, that's a good idea. I don't think servarian was being sarcastic (and neither am I).

    Me I'm not so creative, I would just set up a seedbox on the machine. It's the only bandwidth intensive application I can think of and know how to set up. Maybe a webcrawler that's better than google? I suppose that would be a good project to work on.

  • @RobJud said:
    I don't think servarian was being sarcastic

    Sorry if that wasn't the case :)

  • Backing up all of our given VPSs on everyday.

  • @Nyr said:
    What's the problem? Automated abuse notifications from stupid network administrators? I honestly don't understand where the problem is.

    That was no sarcasm lol. I genuinely think it's a great idea. Calm your horses.

  • I'm interested. Currently I have a small project that does speedtests (download & upload) for various locations.

    A 10 Gbps connection would certainly be something people can test with and hopefully provide them with more accurate results.

  • I like how noone asks what the actual price would be after the trial

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  • @terafire surely it'd be LEB prices ;)

  • @serverian said:
    That was no sarcasm lol. I genuinely think it's a great idea. Calm your horses.

    I misunderstood you.

    Sorry again about that.

  • @terafire said:
    I like how noone asks what the actual price would be after the trial

    Done right, it could even be low end prices.

    I mean, given enough customers, he just needs to commit for the 10 gbps and get the adequate network cards. Some providers here could just upgrade from gigabit to ten gigabit NICs and start offering "10 gbps".

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