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Reverse IPv6
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Reverse IPv6

I got a NAT VPS to learn on and I'm stuck on a couple of things. Hopefully you friendly folk can help.

1.) I understand the shared IPv4 and the internal port forwarding alright but I'm not sure if the IPv6 address provided is dedicated. I think it's a range since in the SolusVM control panel I can create new ones. I'm not sure what the limit is yet or how multiples would even be helpful though.

2.) If my assumption is correct that it is a dedicated IP pointed at port 80 (it has a /80 after it) then how do I reverse proxy it using I've read articles about using cloudflare but I want to figure this out the hard way lol. So far I have my fully qualified domain name pointed at their DNS servers and in the IPv6 reverse proxy I have it pointed to that domain. Should this just work out after the records fully propagate?

3.) Would the port being limited to 80 for IPv6 prevent me from using SSL?


  • teamaccteamacc Member
    edited April 2018

    The /80 indicates that it's an ip range (subnet), not any port limit.

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  • omelasomelas Member
    edited April 2018
    1. ipv6 address would be dedicate.
    2. provider have to set reverse proxy for you.(or you build one somewhere else) DNS server don't proxy http. DNS record point to reverse proxy, and reverse proxy become middleman between client and nat vps. (traffic will counted at nat vps AND reverse proxy(2x if inbound traffic counted))
    3. ipv6 address you get won't have port limit.

    P.S links to domain selling page.

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  • I got that link all screwed up lol. It's supposed to be, sorry.

    I got it all figured out eventually. The reverse proxy wasn't what I needed at all. I had created a AAAA record like the aforementioned cloudflare example. The reason this didn't work is that IPv6 wasn't set up correctly in my router (dd-wrt) and my VPN blocks IPv6 traffic. Once I got that stuff sorted I was successfully able to use to get point my domain at the IPv6 address.

    Thanks for your replys.

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