[Domain Auction] dotcom + dotorg
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[Domain Auction] dotcom + dotorg

Hi all. I was going through my domain list and decided to auction some.

1 DDoswatch dot com (06-09-2018, DirectNic)

 + DDoswatch dot org (21-09-2018, Name)

You're bidding on the set. Offers start at $7 with a $1 increment.

Now for some leftovers:

2 StorageVM dot org (21-09-2018, Name)

3 PrimaryDNS dot org (21-09-2018, Name)

Offers for these start at $1 with a $1 increment. I forgot to include these as a set in my previous auction. To be clear, I have contacted the buyers to ask permission to sell these.

Additional info:

  • Auction ends April 4, 24:00 CEST (Amsterdam).
  • Payment by Paypal
  • Free push to your account at current registrar if you like.
  • Please bid on numbers and refrain from posting the domainname.

Have fun!


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