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email backup strategy
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email backup strategy

Hello everyone.

I use an email provider via IMAP and rainloop as client. If the provider goes deadpool. I lost my emails or they keep stored in my machine?

What i want is: If i need to change my provider, the emails keep untounched in the rainloop client, so i would just configure the imap for the new provider and everything seems transparent to my user.

Is that possible?

Thank You.


  • IMAP displays mail messages in your (Rainloop) client, but they remain on the host's server - so if that server crashes, goes deadpool, etc., the messages are lost. Your current mail provider may allow you to take backups/snapshots of your home folder and account details, including e-mails, so I would look into that. Another way you COULD approach this, if you have full access to the user's account, is to copy all messages to a "local folder" using an e-mail client on your desktop PC / Mac. Then, if in a dead-server situation, configure the NEW imap credentials, and copy everything back.

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  • Many thanks for the info. So i need to find a backup solution right now.

  • Maybe with a 3rd party Email Archiving provider like SpamExperts:

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