Amazon SES how to Check Bounces / Undelivered mail IDs
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Amazon SES how to Check Bounces / Undelivered mail IDs

mehargagsmehargags Member
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Hi Everyone.
I have a client who was having problems with Registration / Verification emails from the portal not reaching user's mailbox. I then had them put over AWS SES for all transnational emails.
However, I still get a few complaints (through direct email) from users who are trying to sign up and do not receive the registration opt-in email.

I tried to see inside SES console but can't find a way to trace the undelivered / bounced email IDs except some numbers/graph in total.

How can I retrieve a detailed report of sent, bounced or abuse reports as to which email IDs had problems? I do not have the SNS notifications setup for the moment, do I have to play around it or can I use a third party app/script that can pull the detailed monitoring info from SES ?

Thanks for the help.


  • FAT32FAT32 Member
    edited March 12

    I believe you have to handle bounces before you can even apply to remove sandbox limit?
    Anyway I hope these help you:

    And no, you cannot check the detailed report if you didn't set it up beforehand, as mentioned in FAQ:

  • Agree with @FAT32, did you send a request to get out of the Sandbox?

    The docs are pretty solid on how to setup SNS and subscribe for bounce/failed notifications. (Google "track amazon SNS notifications" and you need to reach Page 4, before you hit an URL that is not an amazon site)

    For long term, you are better off using a separate entity to track bounces (instead of via email). Zapier+Slack has an option to collect Amazon SNS and post to Slack (though it is not a free integration from Zapier)

    For a one-time fee, Sendy will help you track emails sent using SES.

    Are you looking for some textual fun?

  • Well,
    I'm in production and not inside Sandbox limits... since 1 year.

    SNS is something I'll check... feeling a bit lazy on reading it thru.

    I already have Sendy 3.x since long, but the associated sending domain is not configured inside sendy, will I still be able to pull the stats in for it ?

    I am exactly after a long-term solution to "collect" and record the stats. For Example it is enitely possible the user typed in a malformed/typo/unroutable email ID while registering on the registration form and then they send a direct mail complaining they did not receive the activation code. I should be able to track those failures down and have a daily/weekly/monthly report presented to the client.

    Thanks for the pointers so far... looking out for better solutions if any.

  • FAT32 said: I believe you have to handle bounces before you can even apply to remove sandbox limit?

    Wasn't always the case. They used to give it out pretty generously.

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