Cheap VPS with multiple IPs for private rank tracking.
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Cheap VPS with multiple IPs for private rank tracking.

Hello, I need the cheapest possible VPS for personal rank tracking.

It should have -
Minimum 1GB RAM, 10GB Disk
Any location and bandwidth would do.
Should have as many IPs as possible.
Not more than $10/month.

There would be absolutely no spamming, TE, scamming, or any of such shit.

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  • trewqtrewq Administrator, Provider

    How many IPs minimum do you need?

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  • gurugrvgurugrv Member

    5-10 minimum

  • ClouviderClouvider Member, Provider

    You mean Google scrapping?

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  • cubedatacubedata Member, Provider

    @Clouvider said:
    You mean Google scrapping?

    or generalized "SEO" scams instead is what they mean which includes Google scrapping.

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  • gurugrvgurugrv Member
    edited March 13

    No Google Scraping or SEO scams. I have a list of 10-15 keywords which I need to check for my own "personal" site. The cheapest commercial rank tracker plans start at $10-$15 with limits. I plan to use a self hosted version called Serposcope. So @cubedata, not everyone is a scammer here.

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  • deankdeank Member

    Everyone IS a scammer here, including me.

    Serenity now. It is coming.

  • gurugrvgurugrv Member

    Bump! Still looking.

  • ashkulzashkulz Member

    Why not use ovh with one-time setup fee?

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