Any offers for new .com domain registration?
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Any offers for new .com domain registration?

kjl24kjl24 Member

except godaddy and 1&1


  • WebProjectWebProject Member, Provider

    try the search function or

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  • datanoisedatanoise Member
    edited March 3

    If you don't already use them namesilo gives 1$ with code "LOWENDTALK" (did use it long time ago, didn't test if still working or not lately, but I guess it still works fine) and their renewal price is among the best you'll find...

    Porkbun has cheaper renewals (difference is tiny!) and works great. Both offer free whois privacy.

    Edit: tried the namesilo code, it works fine.

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  • $6.99 with free whois privacy at

    Limited time offer- $6.99 .COM domains! 1st year registration only. Expires 3/31/2018 23:59 UTC

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  • not for you

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    Automate server mgmt w/ Runcloud - aff link gives +15 days for pro
    Click here for Runcloud w/o aff link and +0 days for pro.

  • If you're indian residence, you can buy dot com domain name at Rs. 99 + VAT. Total Rs. 117.

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  • hostlifehostlife Member

    Just want to advise you
    Do not look for cheap price and neglect the continuity of your website
    If we do a simple calculation you will find that the difference does not exceed a 2 dollar... I prefer to add a dollar and I guarantee the quality and continuity of service.

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  • agentmishraagentmishra Member, Provider

    @khalequzzaman17 said:
    If you're indian residence, you can buy dot com domain name at Rs. 99 + VAT. Total Rs. 117.

    and where is that from?

    skype id : agentmishra, gtalk id : agentmishra, email : [email protected]

  • hzrhzr Member

    bigrock probably

  • NANONANO Member
    edited March 15

    Any good promo somewhere?

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