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Looking for VPS server to use as seedbox
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Looking for VPS server to use as seedbox

I have dedicated server at the moment from hezner. Really happy with it pay 32 euro per month but don't use that much resources so want tu cut my costs. I use it for torrents and streaming movies to my Kodi and VPN with pritunl daemon. My budget is max 25 euro. Would be great 1gbps line minimum 4gb ram 2 cores cpu and at least 500gb hdd. This would be for long term. Anyone doing bussines with servers and can offer good deal for me ?


  • Kimsufi,, So you Start, iKoula.

  • solairesolaire Member
    edited February 2018

    If you're lucky, you may even get 2 TB worth of disk space.

    If you want 4 GB of RAM, and guaranteed 2 TB disk:

  • The above suggestions are the ones I'd go for - So long as it's Kodi and not Plex (no transcoding needed) that should be absolutely fine.

    Otherwise, the usual SeedBox hosting companies (Feral) might be suitable.

    Need to reach me quickly? Ping me on Discord

  • its not good.. but thanks... was tried kimsufi before... could not keep up streaming simple 720p movie to my kodi.... just canceled my service.... Ok thanks... looks like no good offers will stay with my dedicated server...

  • Make some friends irl and get them to split the cost of your Hetzner box.

    Hetzner/ovh/online prices are only beat during events like Black Friday by all other providers

  • CyberChemic said: tried kimsufi before... could not keep up

    If it was an Atom-based box then yeah it can't keep up with much. Those boxes are better for raw storage. If you had something like a KS-3C or higher (i3 cpu) it should be able to compute as well as any cheap VPS you're likely to find anywhere.

    #lexit spread the word.

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