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Using Rotating socks proxies on a ubuntu/linux/cent os VPS
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Using Rotating socks proxies on a ubuntu/linux/cent os VPS

Hello Folks ,
I think this might be the right place to tackle this question :D
So i got a windows computer in a restricted network , I bought a vps from digital ocean and I can route my traffic to the VPS , although i need my vps after to use the rotating proxies.They have to be socks5/https , so quid wont work in that case.
Appreciate any help :)


  • I don't understand what you're asking, but if you want a socks proxy on a vps, the simplest way is "ssh -D7777" which will open a proxy on your localhost port 7777 and route it through the vps. You can use whatever port number you want.

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  • I did that , the issue is i want the VPS to use the proxies that I bought so i can have different ip every time that i visit a website . I cannot use the proxies directly from my rdp due to the firewall , so i will need to my vps to route i guess the ssh tunnel to the proxies that I bought .
    Is the more clear ? :)
    Thanks Willie :)

  • I highly doubt that you want to have the VPS use the proxy but if you actually do the look into tun2socks + some scripting.

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  • Well, do I have another option to get around it ? I would choose any other route at any given time ! I will have a look and i think i will be able to do some scripting if i need to.

  • Well if it isn't really the whole VPS that should use the proxy you could get around tun2socks and the creative routing required to make it work. Scripting is probably the least problem.

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  • ok I see what you mean , well I really appreciate your help guys , i think I got all the info that i need to start the process for now :).

  • freerangecloudfreerangecloud Member, Provider

    If your firewall allows it, you could create a VPN Tunnel between your PC and your VPS, route all your traffic via the VPN and then configure the proxy directly on your PC.

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  • sibapersibaper Member
    edited February 2018

    this is really suspicious. Why the hell do you need different IP on every connection?

    for sure it not used to bypass firewall ;)

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  • Shoe proxies

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  • I am not saying that I am using it to bypass firewall.. :) and not doing DDos either lol . Thanks I will have a look .

  • I already bypassed the firewall with ssh anyways , by using another vps from digital ocean.

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