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Problem with email dns
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Problem with email dns

So my domain i move email on gsuite.

But I have active a domain with fetching and support ticket and now not work anymore.
So now for new support ticket email I need to use another email address?

My old is and now move on


  • any one can help me?

  • If I understand correct, you should use a third party tool to move your emails from the existing to accounts. (Check this topic for more: How to backup an external IMAP account?)

    But IF both domains are on gSuite, you can move between I think. At least when deleting an account, it asks for which account to move their content.

    But these are just wild guesses since it's not easy to understand what you tried to say.

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  • thank you so much! yes it's hard to explain

    thank u so much!

  • You use gmail for your regular email [email protected] but your support ticketing system email [email protected] sends from the system/server that it is hosted on and is getting junked because its not coming from gmail?
    Set up your SPF records to specify both gmail and the ticket-system as permitted senders.

  • did you think I can use from the same domain like an address with gsuite and another with support ticket?

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