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LowEndSpirit - February bundle - 4 x VPS for €10.00 p/year TOTAL
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LowEndSpirit - February bundle - 4 x VPS for €10.00 p/year TOTAL

AnthonySmithAnthonySmith Top Provider
edited February 2018 in Offers

Hi Folks,

LowEndSpirit Bundle is back.

€10.00 total: ORDER LINK <<<<<

You get all of the following:


These are NAT IPv4 server with IPv6

HAproxy built in to solusvm for ipv4 http connections.

Support and community over at the forum being a perfect example of what can be hosted on lowendspirit servers, the LES forum runs on a little 128mb LES server!

Other uses: proxies, teamspeak, general dev boxes, VPN etc and plenty more.

General special rules for LES aside from the standard terms.

  • Orders from Brazil and China are not currently accepted (soon to change).

  • No TOR

  • This is a no refund product.

  • Support only via the forums.

Note: When ordering the bundle you will be presented with a regular single VPS, you complete this order and it will automatically take you to the next location and the next as you need to set the password and host name for each server.

Any questions welcome.



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I am no longer active here, find me at (Just like LET without the scams)



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