LET Discord Server
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LET Discord Server

trewqtrewq Administrator, Provider
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We have a Discord Server!
Here's the invite link https://discord.gg/NMxrk9y

Our Discord community allows for real-time instantaneous conversation regarding web hosting infrastructure, enables customers to engage with providers, interact with staff and shoot the shit with likeminded community members.

The rules are similar to LET - Try to keep things on-topic in most channels, although the-cest-pit is a free for all. Feel free to antagonise @ElliotJ on there. There's a handy rules list as well if you get stuck.

The development of the community is always our priority - We welcome and encourage feedback.

Providers with representatives on Discord
- Freaze Hosting
- VMHaus
- Hostigation
- Beastnode
- BuyVM
- Budgetnode
- Hostio
- SecureDragon
- MyServerPlanet
- MXRoute.io
- ExtraVM
- QuadraNet
- HetrixTools
- ZeptoVM
- Impact VPS
- Clouvider
- CycloneServers
- Launch VPS
- Ho-ost
- Ionswitch
- Fallout Hosting
- RapidDedi

If anyone's been left out, let us know!

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