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Routeable IPv6 to replace TunnelBroker

Routeable IPv6 to replace TunnelBroker

Been having issues with HE's TunnelBroker. Instead of abandoning IPV6 for my networking, I am looking for an option to use a VPS and a /56 or better to route my IPV6 network out. I would need a US based provider. All I would use the VPS for is the routing and a minimal openvpn connection. Thanks.


  • rm_rm_ Member

    Linode provides a routed /56 on request. With most of the other providers you'll be hard pressed to even get an on-link (non-routed) /64.

  • Thanks, I'll have to look into Linode. Been a long time since I've used them.

  • Not US, but give a /48 per account.

  • WSSWSS Member

    Dacentec will give you a /48, too, as I recall. Shame that their VPS are no longer available, and their <$50/mo hardware is dodgy at best.

    This place just isn't the same; You know where to find me if you want me.

  • freerangecloudfreerangecloud Member, Provider

    If you just wanted a subnet routed over VPN I could do up to a /48 for $3.99/mo. Would terminate in Vancouver.

    VPS, Shared Hosting, Routed Subnets and more -

  • What about @vmhaus (

    They do have a pretty cheap yearly package with lots of traffic and offer BGP sessions. For my personal purpose this was the perfect addition to my existing HE tunnelbroker service which also offers BGP for free. All you need is your own ASN and a IPv6 prefix to announce. Probably vmhaus can also offer you a routed /48-56 from their range without the need to bring your own ASN and prefix.

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