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New LET Administrator!
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New LET Administrator!

Hey friends,

It's been quite a ride, but I'd like to inform you that I will be stepping down from my role as administrator on LET. It's nothing dramatic, it's just the right decision for both myself and the community. I know some of you will have more questions, but let me get started with the most significant one:

I have asked @AnthonySmith to take my place here at LET. I love you guys, but there is not one among you who can say that they possess more loyalty, integrity, and vision for this community. I think all of the regulars here have come to recognize Anthony's qualities. He's passionate but calm, opinionated but reasonable, generous but firm.

You guys never heard this short story, but Anthony read on LET a while back that I was struggling to keep up with support tickets on MXroute, and the impact was snowballing. Meanwhile, I had failed just enough with some finances that I couldn't pay anyone what I thought they would deserve to help. Anthony approached me quietly, not to make a show of it, and offered to help me with support at no cost. Now, I did turn it down because I wouldn't be able to get over letting someone do that for me when I couldn't give back what I felt was deserved at the same time. That's just details though, the real meat of this story is this: That's the kind of guy Anthony is. That right there speaks more about his character than just a list of qualities.

I hope you guys will join me in giving @AnthonySmith a warm welcome. Go easy on the guy, alright?

Now to the part I'd prefer to avoid, but it's going to make my life easier if I get it over with now. I'd like for this to not be about me, this is about you guys and what's good for the community. I would love to leave it at that, but I'm expecting some questions for myself that I can answer up front to save time. Some of them I'm expecting to be uncomfortable, might as well go ahead and answer them.

Q: Were you asked to step down?
A: Not at all. It was never suggested by another moderator or admin, or by anyone at colocrossing.

Q: Does this have any relation to your recent feud with Mao-not-so-unique?
A: You know you were thinking it, all 5 of you. A little bit yeah. I realized that a fair number of members here have managed to find my buttons, and that they enjoy pressing them. Intentionally unwilling to separate my personality from the role, I decided someone with a different personality would better serve in my position. More specifically, someone a bit less likely to try to please everyone at once, at all times.

Q: So you finally decided that you're too emotional to run an online community?
A: No. I've been hearing that since I started in the role, usually in an attempt to manipulate my decisions through social pressure. I made a conscious decision to continue being myself by not hiding my emotions or my unfiltered thoughts from the community. Rarely did I find myself making decisions while something other than calm, even more rarely were they decisions that I would not have made if I were calm. I know how to balance myself. I'm not perfect and neither are you, but I'll walk away feeling like I did this pretty well. Whether or not you liked my openly shared feelings, well that's your burden.

Q: Now that you're finally out of the role, do you have any dirty secrets to share about colocrossing?
A: Yeah, @jbiloh is a furry and @sysadmin drinks diet pepsi. No really, forget what past dramas were blown out of proportion (sometimes by me) to paint them as the villains of the industry. They're just regular people trying to put food on the table like anyone else. It's been a pleasure to be trusted by them with the community, and I genuinely hope that I get to work with them in some capacity in the future. Whether that's simply as a customer, on a project, whatever. They know how to reach me.

As admin: Peace out, friends.
As community member: I look forward to continuing to contribute here :)



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