looking for a vps with detailed features
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looking for a vps with detailed features

We are looking for a new VPS which supporting some features, for a long term use billed monthly for test or yearly discount terms, and the VPs better have below features:

1.support RDNS for both ipv4 and v6, and support selfhelp setting RDNS for both of the IPs.
2.better SSD or SSD cached drive with good performance in read and write.
3.support Server Name Indication (SNI,is an extension to the TLS protocol that allows to distinguish the needed SSL certificate among other certificates installed on the server under one IP address.)
4.support OS including Centos 6.x to 7.x etc.
5.location could be in data centers of east/central/west/south of USA, or pacifica areas Hongkong, Singapore, etc.
6.virtualization OVZ or KVM, etc.
7.Support uptime level not less than 99.95~99.99+, good connection speed on Gbyte port.
8.self-managed vps.

It really costing time to read from thousands offers at Lowendtalk, If some quality hosting have such a vps, welcome message or post followup.


  • darkdark Member

    and forget write 1 feature, (9).the vps hosting better support security protection including free anti-ddos etc.

  • dahartigandahartigan Member without signature

    You better keep looking

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