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Reverse proxy for port 80?
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Reverse proxy for port 80?

Hello, I'm new here?

I'm currently bought vps from wishosting. So far I'm very satisfied with performance. But I've problem in setting apache/nginx web server. Since port 80 cannot be used by default, I need to append port number to my domain. How can I make it works without typing the port number? I've googled for various reverse proxy method but none works for me


  • WSSWSS Member

    You can create links with the http://host:port/ links in it, or if you got one with IPv6 native, you can run it through CloudFlare, which will do transparent IPv6-to-4 translation externally.

  • MikeAMikeA Member, Provider
    edited January 2018

    NAT VPS or something? Best thing to do if you need without a port would just be to get a server with an actual IP.

    Edit: The thing @WSS mentioned with CloudFlare 6to4 would be better.

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  • @WSS said:
    You can create links with the http://host:port

    You mean redirect the url? I dont think about it before but that also one of the method :)

  • WSSWSS Member

    You can't redirect if you don't have access to the hardcoded http/https ports. You could, however, link to your site with the different port in the URL, or as suggested, use IPv6 rather than IPv4.

  • Dont those NAT boxes from @exception0x876 come with some haproxy stuff to host your own domain on the external port 80/443? I know most LES boxes do (although ssl is still a bit iffy)

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  • WSSWSS Member

    I honestly don't remember, and the IPv6 I wrote down that corresponds to my WIS NAT VPS isn't configured, and the host was rebooted 2 days ago. >shrug<

  • I have that OpenVZ Mini which has IPv4 NAT only

  • WSSWSS Member

    Port 80 can be opened using a reverse proxy approach. You will need to provide your domain name if you want it opened.

    Open a ticket.

  • shinchiro said: I've googled for various reverse proxy method but none works for me

    It's not you configuring the reverse proxy, but wishosting. Port 80 goes to the host node and only from there the request can be forwarded.
    Just open a ticket saying that you want your domain to be forwarded to your server.

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  • ^ Thanks for the info. I'll open a ticket

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