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    vSWAP vs BurstRAM
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    vSWAP vs BurstRAM

    agentmishraagentmishra Member, Provider

    as i understand, vswap is related to xen and burstram to openvz

    but off-late, i have seen many providers giving vswap to openvz as well...

    am i right or is it achievable?

    skype id : agentmishra, gtalk id : agentmishra, email : [email protected]


    • NO


    • You have it completely wrong.

      Had enough of the scams on lowendbox, lowendtalk is now being infiltrated by corruption so I have chosen to make an low end exit #lexit for now - you can find me HERE

    • skaska Disabled
      edited September 2013

      @agentmishra said:
      am i right or is it achievable?

      It might not be common to you, but in the internet there exists something that is commonly called "search-engine". The good thing about it is, you feed it with some terms and it queries it's database and provides you with links to the relevant articles; even those threads that cover the search-term here within LET. I know it sounds magic, but it works.

    • perennateperennate Member, Provider

      Search engine that most people use:

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