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[Windows VPSes,XEN - Looking for SolusVM Expert]
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[Windows VPSes,XEN - Looking for SolusVM Expert]

So basically i have bought 128 GB ram dedicated server at at RBX datacenter.
NOTE: I am only looking for XEN expert as i am planning to sell windows vpses only.
(I got windows server 2008 Enterprise template for SolusVM ready)
It has intel xeon processor with ten 3.40 ghz cores.
All dedicated servers there are protected with 150 GBps ddos protection.
I am willing to partner up with someone and then split the profit with him.
We could sell 8 $ / GB
You would have to tell me what OS do you need to suit you the most for VPS creating.
You would prepare the dedicated server for VPS Hosting,and i am willing to offer you some decent money gain from sales.So for example,if we sell a VPS with 1 GB ram for 8 $,you get 3 $ and i get 5 $.If it's a 2 GB VPS i get 12 $ you get 6 $.I think you got the point,it is free money for you,but i profit aswell on my side.

And about the license, i got that covered aswell.


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