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2GB - 4GB KVM VPS request
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2GB - 4GB KVM VPS request


i am looking for a provider to offer me a 2 to 4gb vps with private networking included location must be europe 1 to 2 cores is fine virt type must be KVM or similar i will be looking to buy at least 3 of these and don't want to spend more than 25 gbp per month for all 3

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  • vmhausvmhaus Provider, Top Provider

    We can meet all these requirements except the private network.

    We don't currently hard cap bandwidth and we offer plenty to start with anyway.
    Our 2GB plan fits within your budget.

    **Plan: VMH-2GB**
      2x CPU Core E3-1270v6 (Shared)
      2GB DDR4 RAM
      30GB NVMe Disk Space
      8TB Bandwidth
      1Gbps Port
      DDoS Protected
      1x IPv4
      1x /64 IPv6 Block
      1 x Automated Backup Slot (Daily)
      Bonsai Control Panel
    **Price: $7 / Month ($0.0096/hour)**
    Sign up:

    You can top up as little as $3 if you wish to try us out!

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    VMHaus - High Performance SSD SSD Cloud Servers

  • bersybersy Member
    edited December 2017

    HostHatch offers 2GB RAM, 20GB NVMe SSD KVM VPS for $5/month in NL/SE. Private/Internal network is available (screenshot from their CP). This package comes with 50% dedicated CPU core, not a fully dedicated one. And their 4GB VM comes with 1 fully dedicated CPU core/thread.

  • IshaqIshaq Member, Provider
    edited December 2017

    Can do a 2GB KVM in UK or NL for $48/year (equal to $4/mo).

    [BudgetNode] DDoS Protected. 7 Locations (US/EU). Check out our latest offer!
  • Take a look at offer. I'm sure @exception0x876 can setup a private network for you as advertises with it. Moreover, private networks with Hybrid Servers are essential.

    You can either buy a few packages suiting your needs or a hybrid server. From what I can see the $4 packages with 1CPU 2GB and 200GB space are out of stock, so I suggest you to get a V-Dedicated i5 for $17.99 (£13.5). It's a hybrid server meaning that you will have a node dedicated to you. You will be provided with a control panel from which you can deploy VPSs with whatever specs you want. ...and trust me. OpenNebula is super fast in redeploying. It feels really responsive.

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  • thanks i went with 3x hddplus and 1 x KVM storage from wis hosting and 5x 1gb from arubacloud

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