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DigitalOcean adds private networking
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DigitalOcean adds private networking

I'm sure a lot of you got the email DO sent out yesterday but I figured I'd share for anyone who doesn't since this is pretty cool and something that relatively few providers offer at this price point:

Introducing Private Networking

You've requested it, and now it's here! DigitalOcean is happy to announce that all droplets in NYC2 are now equipped with Shared Private Networking, allowing them to communicate with other droplets in that same datacenter. You can enable shared private networking on your Droplet from the Droplet create screen.

Traffic sent between Droplets across the private network will not count towards the bandwidth costs and can be used for database replication, file storage, and similar host to host communication. Check out our full length tutorial on how to set-up and use Shared Private Networking.

More at:


  • shared private networking

    whoop dee fucking doo

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  • prometeusprometeus Member, Provider

    It seems just a local (per datacenter) shared network, it's not a private (per client) vlan. Maybe it can help to save some traffic for people near the 1TB transfer...

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  • DomainBopDomainBop Member
    edited September 2013

    @awson said:
    whoop dee fucking doo

    That was about my sentiments too. A "shared" VLAN with everyone else's droplets in the NYC2 DC who has "shared private networking" enabled. Not the same as a real private network and definitely not as secure. About the only benefit is you save on bandwidth costs for traffic between your droplets.

    Prometeus new iwStack offers a true private isolated VLAN.

  • edited September 2013

    Many user talk about this "private", while every user can connect to another "private" networking in the NYC2.

    The bandwidth is not counted for private connection, but for the "grandfathered" accounts, bandwith is not metered. :)

    A good iimplementation of private networking here is iwStack and BuyVM

  • hugheseyhughesey Member
    edited September 2013

    Yeah I agree it's not exactly 'private' networking in the true sense, but a large shared internal network for all droplets in that datacenter that have the feature enabled. I'd strongly encourage anyone who enables this to:

    a) Check what services end up listening on the 'private' network

    b) Consider implementing iptables rules restricting access to services to droplets you own only - Your one source for DNS related tools and information.
  • @hughesey said:
    b) Consider implementing iptables rules restricting access to services to droplets you own only

    Indeed, that is a must have with shared private networks, but it is a very good feature overall, frankly it was one of the reasons I voted for dropping the shared zone. While now we have "shared network" directly on the internet like regular VPSes that is in fact some kind of a private network with the firewall open and with public IPs.
    Our setup with small VLANs due to small IP allocations made it hard to provide this for the regular node VPSes, non-cloud ones, so this implementation had to include private networking for anyone which needs it. It is available for everyone as well as mixed setups, for example, you can have both isolated networks and shared networks directly on the net without firewall.

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